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The nutritional needs of your pet change during its life due to growth and development, the aging process, and the management of various health challenges. Your pet's breed, size, level of energy, and the environment in which it lives are also factors in determining proper nutritional needs, such calorie intake and frequency of feeding. It is also vital to make sure that your cat or dog gets the basic nutrients, and that the diet is well balanced for optimal health.

Unfortunately, most of the dry and canned pet foods on the market today are by-products of the human food industry, and are so highly processed that they hardly resemble food at all. A poor diet can compromise your pet's health and result in numerous food related illnesses.

For this reason, I provide nutritional advice as part of the homeopathic consultation, emphasizing whole food diets with individualized diet recommendations to fit your pet's unique needs, as well as lifestyle. Sometimes nutritional supplements are an integral part of the treatment plan if your pet's diet needs additional support. With proper nutritional and dietary care, your pet can respond much better to homeopathic medicines, helping to restore and maintain ultimate health and vitality.


Good nutrition forms the foundation for good health. Many pets' health problems, such as chronic skin problems, ear infections, and digestive issues dramatically improve or resolve by changing to a fresh whole food diet.

A lifetime of proper nutrition has many benefits for your cat or dog:

  • Fewer illnesses due to stronger immune system
  • A noticeably healthier skin and coat
  • Improved muscle tone resulting in fewer injuries
  • Better digestion and absorption of dietary nutrients
  • Weight management

If you are ready for a holistic approach to your pet's health problems, please contact Dr. Noel to schedule a consultation.

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